Curious Kitties Eyes Group Gift
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Drawing and Painting 3D Eyes

3D Eyes That Dazzle

What’s so mesmerizing about glossy 3D eyes?
There is something whimsical about eyes.

Elf Warrior
Elf Warrior by Ameshin on DeviantART

Is The Charm In The Light?

Because eyes are highly reflective, depending on the light of the surrounding area; the same eyes can have many different looks in different environments.

Since there are so many possibilities it can be somewhat easy to create breathtaking eyes without thinking too much about the light sources affecting them.

The balance between shine, color and framing of the face plays a huge part in enhancing the beautiful aesthetics of eyes.

Texturing 3D Eyes

Today Ameshin textured some new 3D eyes for Curious Kitties latest group gift on Twitch and Youtube:

As much as realistic lighting sounds tempting in 3D creation, realism is not a key factor in deciding if your image is visually pleasing.

So when it comes to eyes, do what comes natural. The outcome can be just as unique and beautiful as real eyes.

In Closing

Shiny things rock, if it shines it’s good.

Since your here, take at Ameshin’s eyes in the Second Life Marketplace:
Curious Kitties Eyes by Ameshin Yossarian on the Marketplace

If you’re curious about eye texture creation, 3D or illustration check out the About page!

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