Anime Style Logo

Making an Anime Style Logo.

Ah, the Anime style logo. They don’t get old.

It seems like the Anime aesthetic has become a standard for generations X, Y & Z!

This post is about a particular Anime style logo, for my client Victor Vera.

In late 2016 I was hired to design a title logo for his project “Eclipse” (Scroll down to see more below!)

1. Eclipse: Dawn of a New Age

Anime Style Logo 1 Designed by Ameshin
Anime Style Logo 1
Ameshin on Deviant Art – Eclipse: Dawn of a New Age Logo Concept

Looks interesting doesn’t it?
That’s because a logo is like a door to a new reality.

And this world has many realities. 

Imagination is a machine where new worlds are created.

Here’s a little bit about Victor, and his world:

I am 24 years old and ever since I was a little kid my mind would wander into my imagination, which would be the place where I would escape to just to be able go on adventures that would only be possible in my wildest fantasies. That imaginary world is what ended up giving birth to this project. So far, all the character have been drawn by JABO at the following links (with creative direction by me). Referenced links:

– Victor Vera

And another more recent Anime style logo in 2017…

2. Eclipse: Landisian Empire Logo

Anime Style Logo 2 Designed by Ameshin
Anime Style Logo 2
Ameshin on Deviant Art – Landisian Empire Sigil Concept

The only bad thing about the project is that everything from art to music is being paid for by me. I would love to be able to get a bigger budget for it so that It can become either an anime or a video game. Anyone who would love to see this project make it big is encouraged to help us out by donating to the Eclipse: Dawn of a New Age Patreon at:

– Victor Vera

Story Synopsis

Eclipse: Dawn of a New Age

In a world where the sun is dying, the people on the continent of Lamoura must find a way to save themselves. The soil is barren and the people are slowly starving to death. Countries war with each other over the scarce food left and civil war breaks out as politics divide an Empire… Nothing is stable.

The Landisian Emperor Galien, under the influence of his advisor Regulus, blames the Gods for the lack of resources. Seeking to prove that the Gods are not as trustworthy as ancient lore claims, his resolve becomes clear; he and his army must annihilate the kingdom of Rolandia, one of the gods “favored” lands.

Galien sees fit to take the reign of life and death from the unjust gods and “unite” the nations under his rule.

Little does he know, however, that the heir to the vanquished Kingdom, Prince Linasis – who is believed to be dead – actually still lives and carries his life out as a thief in the desert city of Lukaria.

During one of his heists Linasis, going by the name Sinnoh, has a chance encounter with the disgraced U’zuhlah who belongs to the Giteh race of vulpine-like humans living in the Mahzrah Forest. This encounter changes their lives forever as they are pulled into an adventure together. In this adventure they meet new allies and tussle with pirates, survive some of the continent’s harshest conditions and even escape an Imperial dungeon.

It is on this journey, filled to the brim with life and death, that they discover the sun is dying out because of a Dark Power radiating from Old Galtea. In order to save the kingdom and stop the death of thousands of people, Linasis and U’zuhlah must solve the mystery of the Dark Power, a mystery which lies concealed within the never ending storm in the Corinthian Sea.

In conclusion

If you’re a fan of progress check out my client Victor’s Patreon account:

Finally, if you need a custom logo for your business or project get in touch with: Ameshin.

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