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If you’re a fan of Classic Sci-fi Horror you’re in for a treat!

In my last post: Horror Art? The Horror! The Horror!
I covered my Youtube client Mad Lolie’s horror doll illustration.
This time the work showcase is about another new client, an author that commissioned a very different genre of horror!

Could you pass for human
Ameshin’s Personal Sci-fi Horror on Deviant Art – Could you pass for human?

..One of my absolute favorite genres, Sci-Fi horror! Yes!
I’ve created quite a few book covers for novels and stories in my 6 years of freelancing, but work being work it isn’t always something I personally enjoy doing.

Classic Sci-fi Horror


Knowing: Five Tales of Cosmic Horror

My thoughts on the book?
Author Morgan L Morcant really nailed it! While still managing to keep a modern vibe to the stories this book of cosmic horrors has a distinct feeling of classic sci-fi horror.

It’s a very difficult genre to describe. If you’re familiar with The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits you’ll likely know what I’m getting at.

This book has all the good stuff! Since the stories are short it’s a great way to pass the time in between transitioning.

In any case, as an Artist and sci-fi enthusiast I was very happy to land this job. The theme is something I personally admire, so the artwork went very smoothly which isn’t always the case when working with unfamiliar genres or styles.

The commissioned cover art is from one of the stories in the book. I’d tell you which one, but.. I won’t because you need to read it!
Read it and find out for yourself!

…Because guess what!?
You can read the book FREE OF CHARGE from May 8th to May 12th as a special promotion!

You can purchase or acquire the book for free on Amazon:
Purchase on Amazon

So read it!


..Or give it to your sci-fi loving mother. Mother’s Day is coming up soon, so don’t forget!


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