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Consistent Art Style for Work

How Important is a Consistent Art Style?

Consistent Art Style is an absolute must for work.

Drawing something well once is a pretty good skill.
Drawing something well several times in the same style is a great skill.

Consistent Art Style Semi-Realistic Steampunk Illustration
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Style: Semi-Realistic Steampunk Concept Illustration. Created for “Moon” the Ballet Production. Hired by: Artistic Director / Choreographer “Nicole Romine” –

Having a great skill can really help with repeat customers.

Star Nomad 2 Backgrounds
Created in 2015 by Ameshin. Star Nomad 2 Backgrounds. Hired by: Game Developer “Half Geek Studios” –
Consistent Art Style Cute Loli Anime
Created in 2017 by Ameshin. Cute Loli Anime Illustration. Hired by: Twitch Streamer “LegaLoli” –

Seemingly unrelated skills can help to advance and expand new styles in different directions.

Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Original Freestyle Illustration. Hired by: Enthusiast “Lurkios”

Even if the natural styles don’t match the clients requests; with some some dedication & determination human beings are capable of almost anything!

(Yes, even a consistent art style.)

No one said it would be easy.

Consistent Art Style
Created in 2015~2017 by Ameshin. The Milton Abbey School Mysteries Illustration. Hired by: Author/Writer “Jonathan Wedge” –

Of course, staying consistent with new styles can be difficult at times.
With illustration, drawing the same characters in different situations can be a challenge.

However, putting in the extra effort usually pays off in acquiring new clients in the same style!

Consistent Art Style Anime Manga
Created in 2012 ~ 2017 by Ameshin. Realistic Anime Manga Illustrarion. Hired by: Multiple People / Companies.

Practice makes …almost perfect.

Clients searching for an artist or designer often try to order a specific style based on the artists past work.

Having more than one example of a specific style can put the clients mind at ease, since the desired style is more likely to be delivered.

Consistent Art Style Twitch Assets
Created in 2017 by Ameshin. Cartoon Wolf Illustration & Banner Graphics. Hired by: Twitch Streamer “Moon Shadow” –

Creatives taking on the entirety of the chaotic world must be ready to tackle anything at any given moment.
You never knowing what might be requested next.

Book Covers
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Romance Novel Covers. Hired by: Author “Jane B Night” –
Created in 2011~2017 by Ameshin. Magical Dragon Illustration. Hired by: Multiple People. Writer/Author “D. M. Raver” – / “Ameshin” Personal Art & Portfolio Filler – /Scaly-Hydra –

Yesterday’s Dragon Illustration is Tomorrow’s Fantasy Game Character!

Nexus Slasher Game
Created in 2015~2016 by Ameshin. Nexus Slasher Game Sprites. Hired by: Game Developer “monkuar”

…Or funky mobile games!?

Pin it Game
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Pin it 2D Mobile Game Assets and Logo. Hired by: Game Developer “arrlgames” –

That’s why having many different skills working in a creative career can beneficial to unrelated work in the future.

Ecycle Atlanta
Created in 2014 by Ameshin. Ecycle Atlanta Sci-fi Style Illustrations. Hired by: Recycle Company “Ecycle Atlanta” –

Doing the same thing in a slightly different way can really change the final result!

SurvHive Science GUI
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. SurvHive Science GUI Game User Interface. Hired by: Game Developer “Rocking Hamster” –
 Flux Armada
Created in 2015 by Ameshin. Flux Armada Layered Card Base & two Sci-fi Illustrations. Hired by: Game Developer “Troll King Studios” –

Of course, artists passionate about creativity can also have many different natural styles for their personal creations.

Be yourself. On your own time you’re the best “You” that you can be.
Ameshin’s original art.

Personal Horror Abstract
Created in 2016~2017 by Ameshin. Whimsical Horror Abstract Digital Art. Art created for the sake of art. Personal Project by “Ameshin” –

As mentioned consistence for work is beneficial from a financial point of view, but what about personal projects?

Personal Art Sci-fi Abstract
Created in 2016~2017 by Ameshin. Whimsical Sci-fi Abstract Digital Art. Art created for the sake of art. Personal Project by “Ameshin” –

Going out of your way to be consistent for art doesn’t have to be a priority.
If the person is doing what they love a natural consistency in style is likely to emerge.

Personal Nature Photography
Created in 2016~2017 by Ameshin. Japanese Nature Photography. Photographic art created for the sake of art. Personal Project by “Ameshin” –

No matter what the medium, if it’s something you enjoy doing it’s likely not a waste of time.

Ameshins Original
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Flowing Abstract Painting. Art created for the sake of art. Personal Project by “Ameshin” –

Even small details in the style or aura of the work can shine through.

Synthe 3D Model and Texture
Created in 2009 by Ameshin. “Synthe” Virtual World Low Poly Elf 3D Model / Texture and design. Virtual fashion product for sale.

Mixing it up.

Football Tom
Created in 2014 by Ameshin. Football Tom Children’s Book Illustrations. Hired by: Author/Writer “Jonathan Wedge” –

When you’re having work custom made.

It’s important not to forget: The sky’s the limit!

When hiring artists with a large variety of styles it can be tempting to request something seen elsewhere, from a popular book, movie or artist.

While this might seem like a good idea it’s also helpful to keep in mind:
If you’re creating something unique, but basing it on someone else’s work is the result as desirable as it could have been?

Fractals Logo
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Fractals Logo Design Concepts. Hired by: Writer “Jeremy Rawn

Allowing artists & designers as much creative freedom as possible can wield amazing results. You may find that breaking free of THE Consistent Art Style every now and again can be a good thing.
(Ameshin: “I trust your judgement.” is literally THE best thing I’ve ever been told.)

Fractals Logo Completed Design
Created in 2016 by Ameshin. Fractals Logo Completed Design. Hired by: Writer “Jeremy Rawn

Anything that could be worth doing is worth doing.

From There to here & back again!

there dot com
Created in 2003~2004 by Ameshin. Textures for 3D models & design. Virtual products for sale in a virutal world. – http://www.there.com

Creative hobbies can also be extremely beneficial.

Ameshin on IMVU
Created in 2005~2010 by Ameshin. 3D models, textures & design. These are virtual products for sale in the 3D messenger “IMVU” –
Virtual World Stuff
Created in 2010 by Ameshin. Textures, 3D models, Design. Virtual goods in Ameshin’s virtual shop “Curious Kitties” –
Unreal Fuzz Stuff
Created in 2013~2017 Unreal Fuzz Virtual Dolls Design, 3D models and textures. – http://Unreal Fuzz on the Marketplace

Having a consistent art style helps, even when it’s not really “art”.

Created in 2006~2010 by Ameshin. Textures, 3D models, Design. Hired by: Second Life company “Linden Lab” –

*As a general note: I was hired as a one time freelancer to do the top four default avatars.
The other things listed were requests for the Teen version of the Second Life platform, which were donations provided on request.
Second Life® and Linden Lab® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended. Ameshin does not work for Second Life or Linden Lab.

Hawthorn Cards
Created in 2014 by Ameshin. Hawthorn Game Cards. Hired by: Game Developer “Themo Games” –

For both clients & artists/designers:

Even if you were aiming for a Consistent Art Style, and ended up with something else..

Even if your project doesn’t take off, or you’ve done the best you possibly could within the confines of the given situation – and failed..

You can take comfort in the fact that, at the very least you tried.

Thanks to you there is something out there that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. There’s always room for improvement.
The path to consistency is in numbers.

In Closing

Keep creating, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s going somewhere.

Because it is!

If you’re curious about some of the things listed here take a peek at the About page!


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