Fate of Fire Dragon Art by Ameshin

Dragon Art by Ameshin for Fate of Fire

Dragon Art & Illustration

In both modern and traditional works, dragon art seems like a classic favorite among fantasy lovers.

Because of the genres long lived popularity dragon themed art would seem to be abundant in modern times.

Kallax the Bookwyrm for scaly-hydra
Dragon Art by Ameshin “Kallax the Bookwyrm” for Scaly-Hydra.

So.. Where are all the traditional dragons?

In addition the long history & popularity of dragons in folklore it may be that the traditional beast has lost a bit of its shock value.
Many traditional style dragons seem to have been replaced by more modern, strange or fan art styles.

Tragedy by Ameshin Created on Twitch in the Creative Category
Strange non-traditional dragon art. Shown briefly in a recent post about Streaming on Twitch.

It makes sense, that although fantasy is one of Ameshin’s strong genres only a handful of clients have ordered more traditional style dragons from Ameshin since first becoming a freelancer in 2011.

Big Black Dragon by Ameshin
Big Black Dragon doodle done on Twitch by Ameshin.

Therefore, whenever a client orders a dragon from Ameshin they consequently get a toothy smirk!
While that smile is dangerous it’s also fun.

Fate of Fire

Finally, on to the feature! This feature blog is for D. M. Raver’s new book “Fate of Fire” and a sequel to “Fire Born”.
Since the book is a part of “The Flight Moon Series” collection be sure to start with the first book and work your way up.

Fate of Fire Cover by Ameshin
Fate of Fire Cover on DeviantArt by Ameshin. Book written by D.M. Raver.


“A family is divided as war with Gorusk looms in the future…

They thought the hidden garden at Rosewall foretold their fate. Statues depicted in a time locked battle, three kingdoms opposing Shirr, the tyrant king of Gorusk.”

In Conclusion

So be sure to pick up your copy of Fate of Fire, written by D. M. Raver. (Dragon Art by Ameshin.)

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