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Find Your Creative Passion: Eden Series

Find Your Creative Passion.

Freelancing for 7 years with no prior experience is an interesting way to find your creative passion & teach you few things about yourself in the process.

It can be tempting to adjust yourself to fit available work when you have very niche skills & no job descriptions to match.

Surprisingly, even going outside your comfort zone every once in awhile can reveal hidden skills you never knew you had.

After all is said and done it’s possible to end up in just about the same place you started.

Creative Fields Like Art & Design Can Be Interconnecting.

Logos require you to create unique ideas based on specific requirements.
This requires both technical & creative skills, as well as the ability to listen to your clients personal needs.

Each logo can be a work of art that tells a story of what it represents with a glance.

More often than not, there are hidden meanings comparable to fine art genres.

Eden Logo Compared With Fine Art
Eden Logo by Ameshin, Acrylic Painting by Ameshin.

Sometimes all that’s needed to do to find your creative passion is live each day at a time.

Eden Series Logo Concepts
Eden Series Logo Concepts by Ameshin.

From the Creator of Project: Eden

“I’m currently a senior in Arizona State University. I’m a psychology major, although I did jump multiple times across majors. However, one passion hasn’t changed since I was in middle school: writing.

While Eden isn’t the first story that I desired to publish, it was the first I actually started writing! But it was a challenge since this is a sci-fiction. I had to devote many hours to researching biology and physics. Nonetheless, it was fun to learn new things. 

I mentioned before that I’m a psychology major. I often try to incorporate everything I learned in college to Eden, especially to the protagonist – Hansel. I wanted to create realistic characters that react to the environment in a similar manner that real people do. 

The manuscript is almost finished. I hope to publish it using Kickstarter since I’m not financially equipped to handle a project of this magnitude. “

– Eden Book Series Creator

Writing, like other visual creative outlets definitely has ties to different professions.

In some cases you don’t need to find your creative passion, eventually it will find you.

A creative calling can be a gift that follows creatives throughout their lives, surfacing at random points in time.

This balance in chaos seems to work perfectly.

Eden Series Logos
Eden Series Logos by Ameshin.

“Eden”  Synopsis

“While it has been more than fifty years since WW3 and the near extinction of Hydras, humans and Hydras continue to struggle with mutual acceptance. 

The United Human and Hydra Alliance (UHHA) strives to eliminate misunderstanding between the two species, but many people refuse to adapt to Post-WW3 society.

However, there are exceptions. Hansel, a teenaged Hydra, was raised in a human family.

However, adapting both species’ ideologies has proven more difficult as the two only express hatred for each other. He only wishes to remove the unnecessary intolerance.”

– Eden Book Series Creator 

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Go with the flow. The current of life is there for a reason.

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