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Fuji Matsuri Purple Flowers

Have you heard of Fuji? They bloom right after the Cherry Blossom Season!

Sakura vs Fuji

Most of the time! You know.. weather!View the Festival Here:

They are usually purple, flowering bean plants. Yes. That’s right.
What’s even more interesting is, the beans are poisonous.
..So don’t eat them, k?

Fuji –

When Fuji bloom, depending on the location they can have their very own special festival.

This means food and drink stands just like the Cherry Blossom Season!
This festival is more suitable to adults as there usually isn’t as much candy being sold.
On the other hand, there’s a very good stock of alcoholic beverages!

(Only without a picnic style Hanami)

Animals also enjoy the event from the surrounding location!

Aosagi – Heron watches the people and flowers from the water.

..and the black kitty …who runs away very quickly.Shy Kitty Runs Away

Too bad. ..Maybe next time kitty? =^.^=

Fuji Flowers by Ameshin on
Photo by Ameshin on

Fuji is Popular. But not THAT popular?

Fuji flower festivals are surprisingly popular, but not as well marketed as Sakura.

Compared to Sakura there are few, limited edition products celebrating this native Japanese plant.
It may be due to the fact they need more tending to compared to the Sakura tree.

If you like flowers, birds, food or extremely large groups of people you may want to visit Japan after Cherry Blossom Season to save a bit of money.

You can still enjoy flowers without spending premium prices on boarding.

Fuji at the Temple by Ameshin on
Photo by Ameshin on

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Leave me alone! by Ameshin on
Photo by Ameshin on

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