Horror Art? The Horror! The Horror!

Horror Art? Why not!

Horror Art! Now we’re talking! This is a showcase for another new client.

But first, a little about my (Ameshin’s) art and illustration – because on this blog I am the Sun.
If you know my work as an Artist / Illustrator, you’ve likely seen there are a lot of different styles.

This is due to two things:
1. No real experience transitioning in to commercial illustration.
– I started freelancing with my huge set of creative skills in 2011 fairly hastily.

Most of my illustration was/is purely profit-driven so there wasn’t enough time to develop a consistent style as an illustrator.

A painter a decade before, and 3D modeler shortly after. Even with the ability to make art; the pencil/pen based method of illustration was & is still very foreign to me.

Illustration is not art

Ameshin’s Genres of Choice: Horror / Macabre & Sci-Fi. Styles of Choice: Abstract, Surrealism.

2. When it comes to art, see much value making everything look the same.
– When there’s a choice I choose to make something unique & hopefully never been seen before.

Art for work and art for the sake of art can be quite different.

Huge Stack of Paintings
Someday I’ll find some time to sit down & finish this huge stack of paintings. Patreon Anyone?

..That’s a story for another day! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for… the great & creepy:

Mad Lolie!


Horror Art - Mad Lolie
Commissioned Horror Art For “Mad Lolie” By Ameshin

I make a Star Wars/Anime/Moe-Loli inspired virtual-film series called Loli Wars or alternatively Loli Star Wars. It centers around Darth Mew Mew and her allies. It isn’t really anime nor is it meant to be. – Mad Lolie

A Mad Lolie Production

It is virtual film-making using anime and game characters as actors. In their universe, everyone looks like anime and games.
Many characters resemble anime and game characters from else where, but in Loli Wars they play entirely original characters. They resemble existing characters in appearance only. – Mad Lolie

It's Not Anime?
It’s Not Anime?

The reason that I’ve felt a growing need to explain in excessive detail is that people expect something entirely different than what the series actually is. It’s similar to how people saw me using DMM’s (Darth Mew Mew) avatar and thought they knew who I was… or who she was for that matter. She’s not a nice neko at all and is anything but submissive or soft. They don’t expect my series to be original and they don’t expect that I am deliberately breaking or bending tropes. Some even think since there are loli it will be hentai. That is really offensive to me. I am not a common person. – Mad Lolie


It’s May the 4th (Actually the 5th here, but let’s say it’s the 4th..) MAY THE FOURTH be with you….
And don’t spill strawberry sauce on your dolls, because it’s messy.

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