Sci-fi Eyes - Neo Eyes Overlay by Ameshin
Personal Project

3D Sci-Fi Eyes and Music!?

Sci-fi Eyes? ..FTW? You heard me right.

This is a brand new glow in the dark eye overlay I made for use in a particular virtual world. (Same as my first blog post!)
These are really a nice addition to completing “the sci-fi look.”

It’s a little rushed, as you might have guessed the life of a freelancer is busybusybusy!
( If you like my work you’re always welcome to help out on Patreon: More funding=more time=better stuff! )

If I had more time I would have made a massive robot and done the eyes a little a lot nicer.

Still! I managed to make 16 “eye” overlays.
So, new 3D models, new textures and I also coded a new HUD system that controls the brightness, color & animation speed of the eye overlays!

These eye overlays work over your actual eyes!
  • Neo Eyes Overlay – L$500 16 styles.

Made for the event Genre:
50% off for the duration of the event! L$250 at Genre!

Spiffy Sci-fi Eyes for your spiffy Sci-fi Avatar.

How to Use:

Sci-fi Eyes Neo Eyes Overlay HUD - How to Use

  1. Color Change Buttons: Press any one of these funky looking buttons to change the color.
  2. Color Stripe Button: Select any part of this bar to select a color.
  3. Speed Control Buttons: Press the left button to completely stop the animation. Moving towards the right the speeds increase.
  4. Random Color Button: Press the question mark button to generate a totally random color for your eyes.
  5. Brightness Buttons: Press any of the brightness buttons to change the eye overlay brightness.

………aaaaand since I’m creativing I also made the music for the video.

Listen to just the music by Ameshin here:


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