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Twitch Creative Category Streaming Art, 3d and Graphic Design

Twitch Creative Category is open for business, and you’re all invited to come view!
If that didn’t make any sense keep on reading..!

What is Twitch / Twitch Creative Category?

Twitch, sometimes known as is a popular live streaming video platform, aimed mainly at gamers.
A lesser known category for creatives is also available on the service. You guessed it.. the Twitch Creative Category!

Ameshin Yossarian Streaming Art on Twitch

For several months the artist, and owner of this blog Ameshin (sometimes known as Ameshin Yossarian) has been live streaming on Twitch.

Tragedy by Ameshin Created while streaming in the Twitch Creative Category
Tragedy by Ameshin

Ameshin’s Twitch Live Streams:

Ameshin started streaming art once a day every day in October, and dabbling in fairly random things thereafter. The artwork “Tragedy” created live on Twitch was started in October and finished in December, making it Ameshin’s longest work of art streamed live on Twitch.

Since late October up until now Ameshin has also been taking commissions, directly through Twitch!

Christmas Giveaway Festive Touch Up Banner Commission

Ameshin’s latest commercial stream in the Twitch Creative Category was a banner touchup commission for Let’s Print 3D.

They’re having a giveaway, and YOU can take part! Visit Let’s Print 3D for more info!

Christmas Giveaway Banner Edit Timelapse for Let's Print 3D streamed in the Twitch Creative Category
Christmas Giveaway Banner Edit

A small job, but also a very special treat for Ameshin who has been freelancing full time mainly in logo design, illustration and 3D since March 2011.

Well before illustration and logos Ameshin did quite a bit of graphic design assets in the 1990s. Retro!

See more specific information clients Blog:

More Long Term Twitch Commissions – Devader

This one is quite interesting! Art created for a new upcoming game. You’ll be hearing more about real soon.
Devader! Occasionally Ameshin live streams art and assets for Devader promotion!

More information on Devader here:

Streaming 3D Texturing on Twitch

With a better computer Ameshin could eventually do 3D live. For now she is forced to stick to texturing 3D models she made in the past so the machine doesn’t explode.

In Closing

If you like watching creative things happening all you need to do is follow Ameshin on Twitch:
Feel free to join in on the conversation while she’s creating live!

Or if Twitch isn’t really your thing you can see quite a few time lapse videos of Ameshin’s creations on Youtube:


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