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Twitch Graphics Template

Twitch graphics template – a guide to what to order first!

After setting up your account for streaming, it’s good to get a Twitch graphics template for your Panels, Video Player Banner & Overlay.
So open your favorite graphics program or hire a professional & get those graphics up!

Featuring graphics Ameshin made for moonshadowstreams on Twitch! (Now “Kaytales”, which is a good example of why you should order a Typeable template)

Check it out here:



What graphics to get first?

As mentioned in a Recent Solitary Creative Post is a popular live streaming video platform, with a focus mostly on casual and pro gamers.

This post is for Twitch streamers. If you’re ordering graphics one at a time it might be good to consider getting them in this order:

Number 1: Profile Picture

Twitch Profile Picture
Twitch Profile Picture

Number 2: Panel Graphics

Twitch panels can be overlooked sometimes, however these should come before your banners and idle screens because will likely be one of your viewers main source of information.

Number 3: Panel Graphics

Your banner or idle image for when you’re not streaming.

Number 4: Pre-Stream Graphics

This graphic overlay is important to get viewers excited about your new stream, and give you a little extra time to get ready!

Twitch can play advertisements when you first start your stream, so it’s good to put this extra layer to allow viewers to watch the entire stream.

Number 5: Icons / Emotes

If you’re eligible these are a great way to interact while spreading your brand!


Number 6: Other Overlays


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Having a graphic for all of your streaming situation is a must-have after all the above graphics!

In Closing

There’s a lot of things you’ll likely need, but stick with the basics first!

And if you have a moment come say hello to Ameshin on Twitch:

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