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Virtual World Designer Makes So Much More!

3A virtual world designer has more to show than just the virtual!
…but what a wonderful way to kickstart my first creative blog post!

Virtual World Designer

Hello, I’m Ameshin. Or, maybe Ameshin Yossarian?

A Virtual World Designer!
I do a variety of creative things. For this first post I’ll be focusing on 3D / Texture design!

I’m a designer,  artist, photographer & creator of various extremely awesome things↓

2 New items on Youtube:

WARNING: Terrible Music Alert!

My first post will be about my secret(?) passion, creating items for use in a particular virtual world!

In said virtual world there’s a yearly event: Fantasy Faire. It’s a virtual (but VERY real) charity event for Relay for Life!

★Just so there’s no confusion:

This is not a Second Life® world blog.

This is a “creative” blog. I have 13 years experience using the system, and making items, but that’s not what this blog is about exclusively!

Since this world is such a big part of my creative lifestyle there will likely be a few posts about it between other creative stuffs.

If you’re a resident of the world and you’re wondering how this blog benefits you in particular, you’re in luck!

After 4-5 years of not being very active I’ve decided to put a little more effort in to new releases. While periodic, the upcoming items will be either very unique, or very high quality. (Hopefully both!)

I’ll likely be re-posting the development information of new items to the old blog:

If you’re following the old blog you may want to follow this one instead. While not exclusively virtual there will be some unrelated, but very helpful things such as creative tips, development assets, thoughts for the future & possibly some free gifts if I need help developing an item or system.

Anyway! On with the post!

This year I was placed in a doll themed part of the event, so it only seemed fitting to focus on doll themed avatars!

Curious Kitties Unreal Fuzz Shop – one of several themed shops I created for use in the virtual world. (All starting with Curious Kitties, the name of the original shop started in 2004.)

These are my original creations – they don’t use anything default from the world. Being my creative self I don’t use outside resources so they’re really unique.

The size is about 50% smaller compared to the default human avatars.

6 New Exclusive Fantasy Faire items on Youtube:

WARNING: Terrible Music Alert!

Virtual World Designer - Concept for Products
Virtual World Designer – Concept for Products

Ameshin’s Sleepy Before Bed Rough Concepts. (This would have been awesome, right!)

Due to a heavy freelance workload the product development was a little rushed this time.
Was aiming for 92 items, but ended up making 8 total!

Fantasy Faire Event Information:

Relay for Life Information:

Like doll items? Let me know!

the Second Life® world:

No account? You’re also welcome to use my super awesome Affiliate link:

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(I get a small commission from, and you get the gift of giving!)

In conclusion you’re welcome to contact me in world if you sign up. It’s really great to see new faces!

Ameshin Yossarian inSL:

the Second Life® world and SL® world are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc.
Ameshin (or Ameshin Yossarian) and Solitary Creative are not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

Oh yeah, and I made that crazy ear violating music too.


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