Why Logos Matter – MTR Band Example

Why Logos Matter

First of all why logos matter; or rather why logos are important to your brand image.

Logos are very important because they can speak for you or your product in a positive or negative way.

Yet due to the seemingly simple nature of logo design it’s often overlooked for small scale or indie projects.

Today I’m showing a real world example of a new client MTR – “Magic The Routine” at

First Impressions

Just like meeting a new person for the first time, your logo is the embodiment of your organization.

It’s the same as your smile, your words, your clothes and everything about you all wrapped up in to one tiny little symbol.
This is why logos matter so much.

MTR Logo First Draft Concepts
MTR – “Magic The Routine” First Draft Logo Concepts by “Ameshin”

Taking Shortcuts & Budgeting

It is possible to cut costs, but it’s not always in your favor.

Most noteworthy a nice looking logo is easy to make yet, a logo with deeper meaning that talks for you without having to explain it is important if you plan on taking your business or art seriously.

MTR Logo Second Draft Concepts
MTR – “Magic The Routine” Second Draft Logo Concepts by “Ameshin”

In the case of musicians & artists this is particularly true due to the creative nature of the work.
Unlike generic companies people and organizations working in creative fields need a logo just as unique as they are.

Why Logos Matter - MTR Band Logo
MTR – “Magic The Routine” Logo by “Ameshin”


Comment from MTR the Band

“Magic The Routine would really like to thank you for the lovely logo you created for us.
We are a 3 member rock band who love Sci-Fi, Magic and Fantasy worlds.
Recently, we were searching to commission an important logo to represent the symbol of the band,
then by pure chance, we saw illustrations and logo works that were produced by Ameshin, that immediately caught our attention due to similar world views.
We ended up getting in touch and ordering a logo design.
The completed logo design was spot on with what we were hoping to express with our music,
like in our songs the balance of light and dark with the sun and moon was expressed wonderfully,
at the same time, it has been carefully detailed down to the smallest parts, such as hidden ivy messages and symbols entangled in to the moon,
it was exactly what we wanted in the logo design and it was finished off beautifully.
We will be using this logo in many different locations now,
we are planning on being active in our work and hope to be able to deliver our views to many people.
Once again, thank you for making this design for our band.
We will probably be back for more designs, thank you very much for this one.”
-Magic The Routine  Namine, KEI, yu-ta☆
Japanese Source:
この度は、私たちMagic The Routineのために、素敵なロゴデザインを制作して頂き本当に有難うございました。
それと同時に、月に絡まる蔦や音部記号など、細やかな部分まで繊細に表現されていて、 まさに私たちを表すシンボルにぴったりな素敵なロゴデザインに仕上げてくださいました。
Magic The Routine  Namine, KEI, yu-ta☆


If you’re thinking about getting a logo for something, make sure to take the time and effort to get it right the first time.

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